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what to think? Jan. 10th, 2010 @ 12:08 am
Sitting in bed I hear a phone vibrate. I thought it was mine but when I turned around I aww that mine was good and that it was Pattis that was goin off. I got up to see who it was to let her know so and so was calling, and come to my surprise it was Frank. That really didn't bother me, the fact he had his own picture for when he called did a little, but other than that I was fine with it. No big deal to me, maybe it was that once in a while talk or something, whatever. I tell her that she has a phone call, comes in and grabs her phone and goes back to her room. I waited about 10 minutes then figured i'd have some fun with it. I asked who called and she replied 'I don't know it was a missed call. I tried calling back but it rings once then beeps and that's it.' Oh? Ya don't say. NOW it bothers me. If she just woulda said it was him that's fine, I have no problem with that, but the fact that she just straight up lied to me is some shit. Now, what to think? What else does she lie about? Is there something going on between the two? All these questions arise and i'm not sure what to believe. Definitely a surprise.

Shaving...that done did it... Dec. 8th, 2009 @ 02:14 pm
Tyler is a cockstain.

Like Toy Soldiers Dec. 7th, 2009 @ 03:07 pm
It's really difficult for me to feel intimate towards somebody who I have a hard time trusting. I constantly feel like she's doing something behind my back and it's driving me nuts. All of a sudden she locks her phone, she doesn't respond to IMs when I'm sitting next to her, and the thing that still bothers the shit outta me is when we were all downstairs having a good time she went upstairs and called Pedro. What the shit is that about? It's not like they were talking all night or something. She made it a mission to call him, which means she was thinking about him for whatever reason. She also lied to dad about the puppy having a mate. "Oh I only talk to him on Fridays"...well that's a crock of shit because she talks to him on facebook, she texts him, and calls him, so the least she could do is just slip in a "hey did you happen to find out about the dog?" in one of her conversations. Usually I'd be fine with her talking to some guy she works with or whoever, but the fact that she's being all secretive about it really gets me thinking.

Back when I brought up the breaking up situation a couple months ago we had a talk about everything. I said that shit would change for the first week or so and then go back to the way they were which caused us to have the talk to begin with. Look what happens, shit goes great for the first week and a half or so, and right back to the norm. I find myself back at the porn because I'm in the mood but yet I can't do anything with her because of the issues I'm having. I'm not using that as a "I'd rather do this" approach, more like a "this will due for now."

She's been going out with her coworkers on a weekend night which is awesome because it'll get her close with those people. The part that kinda bothers me is that after she gets home she tells me who was there, and sometimes it's "so and sos b/f" or whatever, Well man that sounds like fun, I love bowling, but never an invite. It's not even that I want to go, it's just the fact she doesn't even ask. Again, gets me thinking.

We still have fun, we still make each other laugh, care and love, but now it just seems like we're really good friends who happen to sleep in the same bed. Shit just really has me thinking, questioning a lot. If there is something going down I'd rather hear about it from her and find out through somebody else or read it online or whatever. Don't need that shit to happen to me again.

Late birthday Nov. 24th, 2009 @ 09:43 pm
Paranormal Activity was creepy but not as scary as I thought it would be.

Bite was awesomely fun. I fell in love with Michelle. Got a sweet vampire fang belt buckle that is way too much of a trendy piece of clothing but still very awesome. I'mma have to wait for this Twilight bullshit to die down before I can start wearing it. Stupid lame vampire bandwagon!

Hockey tonight was an amazing game. Up 1-0 after 1. 2-0, 2-2, 3-2, 4-2, 5-2 after 2. 5-3, 5-4, 5-5. Shootout:
Round 1: Goal, Goal
Round 2: Goal, *my roenick* Goal
Round 3: Save, Save
Round 4: Save, Save
Round 5: Goal, .....Jake brings the puck from center, takes two strides and forgets the puck....game over!

Had a sweet spin around assist to Dana, and an off the draw secondary assist that I didn't get credit for.

Nov. 8th, 2009 @ 01:56 am
John is getting suspicious!

Repeat! Nov. 5th, 2009 @ 05:35 pm

Shrimp Shack Shooters do it again!

Oct. 19th, 2009 @ 02:32 pm
Brady got me 43 points and my team finished with 105! That's crazy talk right there.

It's fun people watching through a tinted window. They have no idea i'm watching them and making fun of them.

Zombieland was so awesome! I want that to happen in real life. I'd love the world to come down to nothing but survival and nothingness. To be able to roam the country as you wish, go into any nuidling you'd like, just do whatever you want. Money wouldn't be an issue, who you are and what you own would mean nothing. First thing i'd do is take over a wal mart or Sams club and make that home base. I wish for that to happen. Fuck world peace, I want zombieland! I'd meet up with whoever of my friends and family are left and we'd run this shit like Bruce Willis and woody harrelsons bastard child! Is that to much to ask for? My god that would be awesome! I'm not just saying that cuz of the movie or that the new thing, I honestly want that. I hate people and how this country is categorized into how much money you have and who you are. When all that shit is gone you're nothing but another human being like myself. You're no different than me, you're nothing special. Famous people, rich people, bums, poor, they'd all be equal. Time would mean nothing. The dollar bill would mean nothing. It'd be humans and zombies, that's it. All that would matter is if you're trying to kill with me or kill me. Oh look at you, you own 4 cars, a 15,0000square foot house, have a super model wife, a porn star girlfriend, but yet you're trying to bite my head off and all of a sudden BOOM! Now I have s 15,000 square foot house cockstain!

Just my little fantasy world.

my birthday Oct. 12th, 2009 @ 03:44 pm
Everyone besides a select few wished me a happy birthday via facebook. That,d be like wishing a Jew happy birthday in the German language.

Most of those people have my phone number, would have much rather appreciated a text than a facebook comment. The only people to call me were my mother and nana, that's it. The guys I work with didn't even wish me a happy birthday, and we have a paper on the board saying it's my birthday! Sonsabitches!

Besides dummy doing what she did at midnight and stuff it would have just felt like a normal day. I worked, played hockey at the park, then went to dennys with brady Robby and Jared.

And I gotta go wipe a car now so that's it for now.

Damn we played awesome Oct. 7th, 2009 @ 11:38 pm

Sep. 24th, 2009 @ 02:54 pm
What is it about me that really big Samoan girls love? I don't understand.

And why do the broads that come through the wash in their SUV insist on buying the supreme wash!? They don't even know what they are paying for. It could say that a rhino takes a shit on their hood and they'd still get it because it's the most expensive one. Materialistic bitches.

Revised (part 2) Sep. 15th, 2009 @ 11:44 pm
The orange watch - 125
B Unique Tee - block letter and Duck Hunt - 25 a piece (check)
Naked broad statue - 100
All white Swiss - about 60
All black Swiss - about 60 (check)
Goodfellas poster - 50
Seinfeld - George and Kramer poster - about 50
DVD shelf/case/rack type thing - who knows (check)
Bowser Jacket - 200
Kramer lobster shirt - 50 (check)
Little Jerry t shirt - 25
Labatt Blue jersey customized - 40
Zack and Miri Make A Porno (signed) - 30
Jersey Girl (signed) - 30

That'd be fun.

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham Sep. 14th, 2009 @ 07:52 pm
"FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Could you have fathomed this?

Unless you hail from the 716 area code, I'm pretty sure you didn't believe it was possible the Buffalo Bills could hang with the New England Patriots for 58 minutes.

In fact, you probably have to be from the 716 to have seen the miserable end coming.

Only the Bills could have lost the way they did Monday night.

The Buffalo Bills looked like they were going to open their season with a shocking victory in Gillette Stadium. They were up by 11 points deep into the fourth quarter. Then they choked.

Leodis McKelvin fielded a kickoff in the end zone with 2:06 to play and brought it out. Patriots safety Brandon Merriweather stripped him. The Patriots recovered. Brady threw a 16-yard strike to tight end Benjamin Watson, who made a phenomenal catch for a heart-pounding 25-24 triumph.

It's the same exact score the Bills lost to the Dallas Cowboys by after blowing a huge lead on "Monday Night Football" in October 2007.

Brady made his comeback a memorable one. Playing in his first game in a year and a day, he completed 39 of 53 passes for 378 yards, two touchdowns and one interception.

The Bills, who seemed to be in such a state of chaos mere days ago, somehow composed themselves to nearly knock off Las Vegas' favorites to win the Super Bowl.

Buffalo coach Dick Jauron handed the playbook to new offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt 10 days earlier to jolt a listless group that had struggled mightily in the preseason.

The first unit failed to score a touchdown on 16 preseason possessions, but it looked OK on opening night. The Bills caught some breaks -- defensive end Aaron Schobel returned Brady's lone mistake for a touchdown -- and played well aside from some offensive line sloppiness.

Bills quarterback Trent Edwards looked sharp (15 of 25 for 212 yards and two touchdowns). The Bills were incredible when it came to converting third downs.

The loss ruined a great game by Buffalo running back Fred Jackson. He ran 15 times for 57 yards and made five catches for 80 yards and a touchdown."

Not only did the Bills lose, but I was unable to place my, which would have been a winning, bet because they started the game at 4 instead of 5. I didn't have much money in my bank account as it was, but I knew that was going to be a winner. I took out the money, put it in my bodog account, and went to place bet. Of course I couldn't because the game already started, and am now stuck with that money in my bodog account, and a very small number in my bank account.

I had 1400 in my account 10 days ago, rent and bills and lots of extracurricular activities brought it down to a slim, trim, 32 dollars! I made 65 today and went and put that in the bank, so now I'm walking around with about 100 bucks. Sweet balls.

Yesterday was a day to remember Aug. 23rd, 2009 @ 09:44 pm
Man talk about highs and lows of life.

Day started off with work closing at 3 because of the rain and clouds. We had a total of 26 cars from 7 to 3, and 4 of them came during my shift. I'm driving home on the 215 and coming close to my exit, so I merge over to the far right lane. All of a sudden I see this truck behind me riding the shoulder. I didn't think much of it until he zooms past me and I thought to myself "that fucker is gonna cause an accident." He cuts over into my lane, cutting off the guy in front of me, causing him to hit his brakes pretty hard. I reacted, hit my brakes, but with the slippery when wet road, I slid right into the back of this Yukon. Awesome! We pull over to the shoulder and I notice that there is another accident in front of us. I don't know if that dude planned on riding the shoulder until he got off at the exit and had to cut back into our lane because of the truck in the other accident turned sideways, or he just wanted to be a cockstain and fuck up my life. We exchange info, and I have a court date on Dec 3. As of now I don't owe anything, and I can only hope that the case just gets dismissed and send us on our way. Of course they need somebody to blame and they're putting it on me, but that shit wasn't my fault at all. Luckily I wasn't speeding or doing anything illegal, was only going about 45 and I had a nice amount of room between me and the guy in front of me, just not enough I guess. I have one month left to pay on this fucking car and it's mine, then this shit has to go and happen! MOTHERBITCH!!

So now I'm super bummed. I call Brian to see if he wanted to chill, maybe go out and help me get my mind off of shit. I meet up with him, Jared, and Gilbert at the Orleans to get some free drinks. We get our drink on for about two hours and call a Eddie to pick us up in his taxi and take us to Imperial Palace for karaoke goodness. The crowd was pretty nice and the drinks were still comin free. So we're sitting there and all of a sudden this asian broad comes up to Jared and says "I think he is so fine." Jared got all excited cuz he thought she was talking about him, but when he asked who she pointed at Brian. Brian gets up and gives her his seat, and her drunk disaster of a friend took the seat next to me. I looked at this broad, and she was sleeping the second she sat down.

Then she opens her eyes, looks around, and plops her head on the table and sleeps some more.

We're laughing and joking and listening to people singing and just having a good time. During this time, Disaster Broad has made three trips to the bathroom to yak her brains out. Fun times! Her asian friend, who I believe goes by June, is the worst friend ever. She keeps telling her to put her head down and sober up because apparently (this was news to me), we're all getting a hotel room there and we're going to hang out up there. I told Brian that we should just take a taxi back to my place, since it's the closest, and we can continue our run of "free." He throws the suggestion to June, and she's all for it. Now we gotta find a way to get Disaster Broad from the bar to the cab. See, this is why I hang out with big guys, so they can carry around the load. Brians buddy Dustin comes and picks us up in the taxi, and we are headed over to my place. Dustin, June, and Jared in the front, with me, Disaster Broad, Gilbert, and Brian in the back. This piece of work falls asleep on my arm, and I have nowhere to really put my hand, so I just throw it on Gilberts bosom. Then all of a sudden she mumbles "June I wanna go home" and June tells her "we are, well, we're going somewhere where you can go to sleep. You'll be fine." Then another grunt comes from her direction followed by a "I need a bag." Oh jesus, this broad is gonna throw up all over us. I was ready to bail, I don't care, out of the car I would have gone if she didn't come up with a bag. Luckily June had one with her and sure enough, well, um, she began filling up the bag. I had a bunch of emotions running through my body at that time. Do I laugh? Join her? Feel bad? Try to ignore? Jump out the car? Yeah, I laughed.

Alrighty, we finally pull up to the house to make this debacle continue. We're walking up the driveway and Jared, out of nowhere says, "A B, I'm gonna rape this broad. I swear." Of course he was kidding but the fact he was drunk and mumbles and says the stupidest shit made it hilarious. We get Disaster Broad some water, then she goes and passes out on the couch. June asks to use the bathroom, so I lead her upstairs and after that show her where she was gonna sleep. I already knew that Brian had intentions of doing the freak nasty with her, so I said she could sleep in my bed, and I'd go sleep in the other room. She said fine and laid down. At this time I guess Gilbert left, because I walked back downstairs to get Brian, and he was gone. Jared is on the other side of the couch, and Brian was on his way into my room. I wait about 25 seconds, crawl into my room on my hands and knees, and lay next to my bed and wait. All of a sudden something hits my legs. I go down to investigate and come to find out, hey hey we got ourselves a pair of panties. Giddy up! I wait a little longer before I poke my head up and see what's going on, then again a sudden surprise, as Brian gets off my bed he fucking steps on me, tumbles through the curtain while yelling "oh fuck!" I try so hard not to laugh, he played it off and walked downstairs, and she didn't even notice. I'm laying there waiting and I hear Brian whisper "yo" from the stairs. I get up and see what's up, and he asks if I had a condom. Any other time he'd be s.o.l. but I just so happened to have ordered a free sample from Trojan about a week ago. I walked downstairs to the table and said "man, gotta love them free samples." He walked back in the room, and I followed crawling on the ground again. They started getting it on, and I went from one side of the bed to the other, trying to get a good view of what was going on. She kept all of her clothes on and there were no lights on except for the one coming from my computer. He switches positions and I go to the other side of the bed closer to them. He looks up and sees me about a 6 inches from the bed and starts laughing. This broad is still clueless to what's going on! I'm starting to get a little frustrated because I can't see anything and she's being all quiet except for little moans here and there. I got this bright idea to just crawl to my closet and stand up in there and watch. As I'm crawling I lose my balance, fall backwards and whack my head on my bed frame. I thought for sure that was the deal breaker, but they kept going like nothing happened. I waited a little bit for the pain to go away and then from the downstairs we here "nooooo. I almost burst into laughter because I can't even imagine what Jared is trying to do down there. I make my way towards the closet again and this time make it there successfully. They switch positions and I can't see anything except for Brians WHITE ASS! and then she says "I think I'm to drunk to cum..." He starts laughing, I chuckle in the closet, and then from downstairs we hear "Juuuunnneeee." This broad June does not give two shits about her friend because not once did she check up on her or anything like that. He finally finishes, goes to the bathroom to do his thing, then they're laying next to each other and she goes "so you're from here?" Really...really broad...you want to....talk. He said yeah and she goes "what about your parents?" He said "hey you want me to call you a cab?" She said yeah and continues to talk to him more about random shit. A couple minutes later his phone rings again and Dustin is out front waiting. She does downstairs, gets Disaster Broad, and he walks them out to the cab. I come down the stairs and we just start laughing our asses off. Holy shit that was great. We asked Jared how he did and he said "man, I tried talking to her about it and she was passed out. So I put her hand on my dick and she slapped it. I messed with her skirt a little and she yelled "nooooo." She wanted nothin to do with me, what about you?" Brian said that they just were in bed talking and cuddling and nothing happened because tonight was supposed to be about Jared getting the easy lay. I played it off like I was pissed because I stood there the entire time and nothing happened, and he believed everything we were saying. He kept calling Brian gay and everything, saying he had a better chance with her than he did. Jared got up and ate some food which left me and Brian to whisper and giggle about what just happened. He couldn't get over the fact that he stepped on me, fell out the curtain, and she didn't even question what was going on. The fact that she was clueless enough not to realize that I was hitting shit, stepping on shit, moving shit, there was a shadow on the wall behind them of my head and a laughter coming from the closet is just simply amazing. I think I could have been in bed with them and she wouldn't have realized it. There was one point where I brushed past her hair to touch Brians arm to make him laugh because I was pissed I couldn't see anything. My face was probably two feet away from hers and....nothing. Funny, funny shit.

We laughed some more and called it a night at about 2:30. I guess Dustin had texted him and said "awww sick! She left the bag in the car!" Boo-urns!.

So from 1:00-4:00 my day sucked major asshole, and from 9:30-2:30 my night was f'in hilarious.

HEY O! Aug. 21st, 2009 @ 12:39 am
Well first off I finished the season first in points with 26 (10g, 16a), but they jewed me outta 3 goals so I should of had 29. Our team also finished first in the league, even though there were only 4 teams.

Championship game:
We dominate them the first half of the first period, constantly keeping the puck in their zone. We were cycling it beautifully but couldn't find the back of the net. Period ends 0-0.

Second period it's a lot more back and forth action and they end up getting a goal halfway through making it 1-0. I forgot how they scored, probably an odd man rush goal. Tyler hit about 3 posts this period, and their goalie is playing his faceoff. This team has been the best team in this league for seasons, and they were starting to show why. Period ends 1-0 Retreads.

Three minutes into the third Dana curls in from the right corner, close enough for the goalie to dive for the puck, but quickly brings it to the backhand and roofs it on him, finally putting us on the scoreboard. Two minutes after that they come down on a 2 on 1 rush, with me skating my ass off to get back to help. I take the guy in the slot and slap his blade enough to mess up the shot and let Mike cover it....only he didn't cover it. Instead he looked at it for a second, giving the guy enough time to shoot it past him, making it 2-1. I don't know what the hell he was thinking, but that really sucked ass, totally killing our momentum. With about 4 minutes left in the game I'm starting to have flashbacks of the Pahrump finals. Be the best team in the league only to lose in the championship and not score a goal. I refused to let that happened again, so I kicked it up into hardcore mode. Face off in their zone, 4 minutes left, I have to step up and do something. I win the draw into the corner, out hustle the D man to the lose puck, kick it to Tyler at the far point, he lets it rip and the puck goes off of one of their sticks and into the net. Ladies and gentleman, we got ourselves a ball game! The very next faceoff I win cleanly to Franco on the wing, who gives it right back and I make this sweet move on the D man: Grieco on a breakaway! I get to about the high slot and feel a stick slash the shit out of my elbow. That tells me the dude is right on my ass, so I let my shot go. Goalie makes a nice shoulder save and puck goes out of play. I really wanted to make a move ot the backhand but since that guy was so close I really didn't have much of a choice. Some more back and forth action and time's a tickin. We move the puck into their zone but D breaks it up. I was playing D now and I read their next play perfectly. I watched their winger break up the boards waiting for the pass and as soon as the D let it go, I jumped up infront of the winger and stole the puck at mid court. Skated towards the D man and bounced it off the boards, walked around him and headed deep into their zone. Coming down the right wing, I look across and see another D man, Dana on the other side, and one of their guys coming back strong. Time to make a decision, do I pass or shoot? Goalie was playing my angle great so I had to pass, and as I did that their D man fell to the ground on his belly to stop the pass. Only problem is the puck rode the side of his body, right between the goalies legs and into the net! Shrimp Shack Shooters up 3-2 with 1:09 left in the game!! Retreads take a timeout, face off at center court. We win the draw, kill some time, and dump it down into their zone. They come back in with an extra man and start to do work. Franco makes a steal behind the net, makes a move off of the boards, but loses it to behind the net. I was skating up lookin for the pass and suddenly hear "oh shit!" I turn around and see him diving to the ground with his stick out deflecting a pass, but it goes right back to them. The guy takes it behind the net to the other side to make the pass in front and all of a sudden here comes Franco diving across again to deflect the pass! He gets control of it behind the net but has three guys on him. I pinch back to help him out, stopping a pass with my skates which sends the puck into the corner. I chase after it and all of a sudden the buzzer goes off and the game ends!

You couldn't have written it any better: Bunch of guys first season together finish first in the league, win the championship, beat the team who has owned that division for seasons, having the "league M.V.P." (as the team would call me) get the game winning goal with a minute left, and Franco making his amazing stops are all ingredients to an amazing story.

Holy shit what a game.

ha, i'm at work writing in this Aug. 16th, 2009 @ 03:00 pm
And that is all.
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